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Holiday Gift Guide for the Inspired Imaginer

The top 9 gifts for kids who have an out-of-this-world imagination.

Gift Guide for the Inspired Imaginer

You preschooler is curious about how things work. They see all toys as a vehicle to the next destination and they want to get there fast, fast, fast!

Check out our top suggestions for the Inspired Imaginer:

  1. Blaze Monster Dome
    Blaze Monster Dome
    Because every day is race day.
  2. PAW Patroller
    PAW Patroller
    So your little one can take all their favorite PAW Patrol toys along for the ride.
  3. Half Shell Heroes Sewer Lair Playset with Mikey and Splinter
    TMNT Sewer Lair Playset
    The perfect preschool play set for non-stop ninja action.
  4. Super Stunts Blaze Vehicle
    Super Stunts Blaze
    Side-wheelies, back-wheelies, and 360 degree spins, oh my!
  5. Blaze Transforming Fire Truck
    Blaze Fire Truck
    Transform an ordinary toy into a blazing monster fire truck!
  6. Chase’s Cruiser with Sounds
    Chase Vehicle with Sounds
    No job is too big when Chase and your little pup are on the case!
  7. Blaze Wrecking Crane
    Blaze Wrecking Crane
    Your little one can knock down anything that stands in Blaze’s way!
  8. Talking Dora and Smartphone
    Talking Dora and Smartphone
    Your child will become a communication expert with this talking Dora doll and her smartphone.
  9. Blaze Graphic Tee
    Blaze Graphic Tee
    Clothes make the imaginer! Make a blazin’ fashion statement with this tee.


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