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Kids’ Choice Awards Slime-sicle Recipe

Serve this easy-to-make, 5-ingredient recipe at a KCA viewing party for your family.

Kids choice 5-ingredient slimsicle recipe

As slime oozed down the faces of Modern Family’s cast at last year’s Kids’ Choice Awards, a small part of you must’ve thought, I wonder what slime tastes like? I bet you never thought it could taste like vanilla-y citrus goodness!

One of our four edible slime adaptation, the Slime-sicle, is the perfect tangy and refreshing snack for your KCA viewing party. Treat your kids to this Nickelodeon-certified slime recipe that uses only five simple ingredients. Just watch out—if you let it melt, your couch might get slimed! Check it out!

What You’ll Need
Popsicle mold
32 oz. vanilla yogurt
8 c. of lemonade
10 drops blue food coloring
5 drops yellow food coloring

How to Make
Step One: Combine the lemonade and yogurt, stirring together until smooth.

Step Two: Add in food coloring and stir.

Step Three: Pour into the mold and freeze overnight.

Step Four: It’s time for your KCA viewing party! Take the slime-sicles out of the mold and serve on a platter of ice.


Don’t forget to watch The Kids’ Choice Awards, this Saturday, March 12th, at 8pm.


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