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Nick Jr. DIY Easter Eggs

These easy-to-make Easter eggs bring to life your little one's Nick Jr. friends.

Nick Jr. DIY Easter Egg Craft

Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Easter crafts and recipes are beginning to crop up on Pinterest. As you start planning your holiday, make sure to add these adorable Nick Jr. DIY Easter eggs to your master list! Your preschooler will fall in love with our vibrant interpretations of their cutest Nick Jr. friends:


Finish Dora’s best friend with a blue pipe cleaner tail.

Boots DIY Easter Egg

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This guppy’s fabulous pink hair is made out of modeling clay!

Molly DIY Easter Egg

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Paint or color on Gil’s signature green tail spots.

Gil DIY Easter Egg

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Bubble Puppy

Who can resist that tongue and those floppy ears?

Bubble Puppy DIY Easter Egg

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This egg goes half way into its stand to show off Bot’s belly belly screen!

Bot DIY Easter Egg

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A sideways egg closely resembles Geo’s helmet.

Geo DIY Easter Egg

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Pipe cleaner pigtails and flower decals make Milli super Spring-y!

Milli DIY Easter Egg

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Blaze and AJ

This AJ egg goes with his very own Blaze egg carton display!

DIY Blaze Easter Egg Craft



Shimmer and Shine

Make Shimmer and Shine eggs, ponytails and all!

DIY Shimmer and Shine Easter Egg Craft

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