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No Printer, No Problem!

Low-tech ways to entertain the kids at home. No printer necessary.

Tackle these simple projects with stuff found around the house. Got glitter? Fresh fruit? Sunshine? Feel free to riff.

When You’re Feeling Crafty

Here’s a fun one that also gets your kid to dig out crayon bits from under the sofa. Make your own DIY up-cycled crayons in a rainbow of colors.

Homemade sculpting dough inspired by PAW Patrol’s Skye can be thrown together at the kitchen table in three easy steps.

For something slightly more ambitious, try this super-charged scratch paper in vibrant hues (and color us impressed).

When You’re Feeling Hungry

Kids will love assembling these smoothie ice pops and watching them transform after a little time in the freezer. Watch for drips! 

This crunchy, snacky, salty, sweet popcorn mix is satisfying but won’t ruin your kid’s appetite before dinner.

It’s not a trick, really, it’s more of a treat. These “nice cream” smoothies, in irresistible colors, are allergy-friendly and super fun.

When You’re Feeling Outdoorsy

Let your kid paint, plant, nurture, and grow with DIY flower pots.

Welcome feathery friends to the backyard with cute bird feeder ornaments in various shapes.

Select from your collection of shells and rocks to paint your favorite neighbors in Bikini Bottom