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Pin the Wish on the Genie Bottle

Play this new take on the classic party game at your child's genie party.

Shimmer and Shine Pin the Wish on the Genie Bottle Game

Here is a simple and fun DIY game that your child can play with friends at their Shimmer and Shine party. Each party guest can pin a wish on the genie bottle.

(Difficulty Level: Medium)
What You’ll Need

Sparkly gift wrap paper, in two colors
Loose gems
Adhesive gem strips
Gold glitter stars
Double-sided tape
Spray adhesive
Dry erase marker

How to Make

Step One: Use your dry erase marker on the back side of one color of sparkly gift wrap to draw the shape of a genie bottle. A pencil would also work well on non-glossy paper—you can erase lines until you a happy with your design. Use scissors to cut along the lines.

Step Two: Decorate your genie bottle cut-out by with gems and gem strips. Use the spray adhesive to glue gems along the genie bottle edge.

Step Three: Glue the genie bottle to a full sheet of the other-colored sparkly gift wrap. Trim away excess background paper at the top and bottom if needed.

Step Four: Put doubled-sided tape on the back of each gold glitter star, one per party guest. Once dry, hang the finished genie bottle on the wall.

Step Five: Blindfold one child at a time. Gently spin them in a circle until they are facing the genie bottle poster. Give the child a gold star and have them say a wish out loud, then have them try to stick the star on the poster. Each child gets a chance!


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