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Plan a SpongeBob SquarePants Party

Here’s your complete guide to a Sponge-tastic celebration!

SpongeBob Birthday Party Planner

It’s a dream birthday party and everyone under the sea is invited! You’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve seen the endless options of Krabby Cakes, Gary Goodies and Spongy Streamers, and it’s honestly overwhelming.

We’ve gathered some simple DIY options for your child’s Bikini Bottom bash that won’t burst any bubbles.

Step One: Invitations
SpongeBob "Best Day Ever!" Party Invitations
Let your kid’s friends know they’re in for the BEST DAY EVER with these printable party invites.

Step Two: Decorations
Jellyfish Craft
Make your own iconic pink Jumping Jellyfish out of paper bowls and streamers, because what’s birthday wishin’ without some jellyfishin’?

SpongeBob Printable Party HatsWe’ve got printable hat templates for everyone from Sandy to Plankton, because these are the secret formula to FUN!

SpongeBob Birthday BannerMake your own bubbly birthday banner. Simply print, cut, and mount on the wall!

SpongeBob SquarePants Goody Bag DecalsFinally, grab some paper bags (we recommend yellow) and print these easy goody bag decals modeled after SpongeBob’s pineapple!  We’re quite frond of this craft!

Step Three: Activities
SpongeBob Printable Trivia Cards
Calling all SpongeBob SmartyPants! With eight different rule options and pre-made printable cards, this game works for a multitude of ages and group sizes.

SpongeBob Printable Party PlacematsPrint these party placemats so kids can find their seats and color while they wait for all the guests to arrive.

Step Four: FOOD!
SpongeBob Chum Buckets
The classic dirt cup recipe just got a lot more chum-derful! Use our allergy-friendly pudding recipe, crushed sandwich cookies, gummy worms, and a simple printable template for a delicious party treat.

SpongeBob Krabby PattiesFor advanced bakers, grab your spatula and try your hand and our friendly fry cook’s favorite: Krabby Patties (in cupcake form!).

SpongeBob Birthday Cake RecipeWhat party would be complete without a CAKE? We’ve designed a sheet cake that, while rectangular, is cool enough to be called Square(Pants).

Step Five: A Personalized Phone Call From SpongeBob! 

To complete this Sponge-tastic party, schedule a personalized phone call from SpongeBob himself (or one of 10 additional characters) when you join the Nickelodeon Birthday Club. It’s free and easy!

That’s a wrap! With these PEARLS of party wisdom, your child will be sure to have a WHALE of a good time!