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Shimmer and Shine DIY Gem Matching Game

This fun game is easy to make, easy to play, and brings Genie World into your home.

Shimmer and Shine DIY Gem Matching Game

The gems of Genie World play a special role in genie magic. Kids can play at being genies with this fun and easy DIY gem matching game. You and your kids can play together, again and again!

(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need

18 painted bottle caps in three colors, 6 of each color
6 sets of matching gems
3 star-shaped gems
3 flower-shaped gems
Hot glue gun

How to Make

Step One: Heat up the glue gun. Glue each of the three stars into the center of the different color bottle caps. Then do the same with each flower.

Step Two: Next, glue each set of matching gems into the remaining bottle caps. Make sure the two matching gems go into two matching-color bottle caps. Use the photo for reference.

Game Rules: Turn over all the bottle caps so you can’t see the gems underneath. Mix them around before you start playing the game. The first player turns over two bottle caps. If one of the bottle caps has a flower, that player loses a turn and the next player starts their turn. If one of the bottle caps has a star, that player gets an extra turn. If the player gets two matching gems, they get to keep them. When all the matching gems have been taken, the player with the most matching gem bottle caps wins. Play as many rounds as you like!


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