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Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Flatbread

This enchanted recipe is nutritious and perfect for an afternoon snack or party.

Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Flatbread

This veggie-filled recipe will serve as the scene-stealing centerpiece of your child’s magical Shimmer and Shine birthday party!

(Difficulty Level: Medium)

What You’ll Need
1 Lavash
1 Bunch chives
1/2 Cup Greek yogurt
3/4 Cup store bought hummus
1/2 Tsp beetroot powder
1/4 Cup radicchio
1/4 Cup corn kernels
1 Can of beets, sliced into ½” strips
2 Tear-drop tomatoes sliced in half
1/2 Yellow bell pepper
1/2 Orange bell pepper
1/4 Cup purple cauliflower, cut into small florets
2 Tbsp pomegranate seeds
Paring knife
1″ Star shaped cookie cutter
1″ Heart shaped cookie cutter
Plastic bag or piping bag
Mixing bowl

How to Make

Note: Use photos for reference when shaping ingredients and arranging them on the platter.

Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Flatbread

Step One: Prep your ingredients:

In a sandwich bag, mix 1/4 cup of the hummus with the beetroot power, setting aside remaining 1/2 cup of hummus for later. Snip a tiny corner off the sandwich bag to use for piping.

Cut 3/4 of the bunch of chives into 2″ pieces. Finely chop the remaining quarter bunch.

Tear the radicchio leaves into small, square-shaped pieces.

Use the cookie cutters to cut hearts out of the yellow pepper and stars out of the orange pepper.

Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Flatbread

Step Two: Mix the yogurt, hummus, and finely chopped chives together, then spread the mixture onto the lavash. Place the lavash on a platter and tuck the 2″ chive pieces under the two shorter sides of the lavash.

Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Flatbread

Step Three: Assemble the torn radicchio leaves on the lavash. Leave a small rectangle in the middle empty, then fill it with the cauliflower florets. Top the cauliflower rectangle with the bell pepper hearts and stars.

Step Four: Outline the radicchio with the sliced beets, leaving a small space at each corner. Place a halved tomato in each corner space. Line the inside perimeter of the beets with green peas.

Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Flatbread

Step Five: Pipe the beet hummus in a swirly pattern around the outside edge of the lavash. Decorate around the beet hummus with the corn kernels and pomegranate seeds.

Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Flatbread

Now feast your eyes on this festive snack!


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