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Shimmer and Shine Zoomicorn Horns

This party craft magically transforms unicorn horns into adorable party hats!

Shimmer and Shine "Zoomicorn" Unicorn Horns

Does your child ever wish they could transform into a unicorn? You can make their magical dreams come true with this easy, 3-step craft. Create these Shimmer-and-Shine-inspired zoomicorn horns for the perfect genie-themed party hat.

(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need:
Colored Construction Paper


How to Make:

Step One: Roll a sheet of construction paper into a cone shape and secure with tape.

Step Two: Time to decorate! Glue on glitter and gems to genie-fy your zoomicorn horn. You can even wrap a ribbon around your cone for a shimmering effect.

Step Three: Tape a strand of ribbon on each side of the horn. These will serve as a fastener to tie around your  child’s head.

Boom Zahramay! Your Shimmer and Shine fan is ready to gallop into the world of Zahramay Falls. This craft is the perfect activity for your preschooler’s genie themed birthday party, or even a rainy day.

To put your genie themed birthday party over the top, schedule a personalized phone call from Shimmer and Shine themselves (or one of 10 additional characters) when you join the Nickelodeon Birthday Club. It’s free and easy!


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