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Top 10 Bubble Guppies Printables of All Time

Check out the best Bubble Guppies coloring pages, activity packs, games and more!

Bubble Guppies Top 10 Printables

Are you having one of those days where you’re simply drowning in your To Do lists? If so, Molly, Gil, and the whole guppy group are here to help. All you have to do is swim on over to your printer for some fin-tastic activities. Your Bubble Guppies fan will be flipping with joy!

Here are our all-time favorite Bubble Guppies printables:

10. Bubble Guppies Solar System Craft

Bubble Guppies Solar System Craft

This project is a great way to teach your child about outer space. Simply print, cut, and hang these super spacey Bubble Guppies planet ornaments to create the ultimate solar system mobile.

9. Pin the Tail on the Guppy

Pin the Tail on the Guppy

Line ’em up for this Bubble Guppies twist on the classic party game.

8. Bubble Guppies Off to School Coloring Pack

Bubble Guppies Off to School Coloring Pack

Your preschooler-to-be can get excited for their first day with the help of a few crayons and their favorite fellow students–the Bubble Guppies!

7. Bubble Guppies Sports Activity Pack

Bubble Guppies Sports Activity Pack

Kids will have fun exercising their minds by counting, comparisons, colors, and more in this seven-page pack.

6. Bubble Guppies Coloring Pack

Bubble Guppies Coloring Pack

Color in Molly, Gil, Bubble Puppy, and the rest of the Guppy gang!

5. Bubble Guppies Riddle Wrappers Party Favor

Bubble Guppies Riddle Wrappers

Here’s a printable that will tickle kids’ funny bones and satisfy their sweet tooth!

4. Bubble Guppies Printable Finger Puppets

BG Finger Puppets

Recreate Nick Jr.’s finger puppet video with our easy, printable version!

3. Bubble Guppies Pirate Board Game

Bubble Guppies Pirate Board Game

The Guppies know how to hunt down hidden treasure by putting their knowledge of maps and landmarks into practice, and now your kids can do the same! Just print and assemble this simple board game and complete with character pieces and a spinner.

2. Nick Jr. Winter Stickers

Nick Jr. holiday stickers

Decorate with your little one’s favorite Nick Jr. friends. Simply print on sticker paper, cut, and stick away on paper, notebooks, folders, and more.

1. Bedtime Activity Pack with Bubble Puppy

Bedtime with Bubble Puppy

Help Bubble Puppy get ready to catch some Z’s and familiarize your little guppy with the bedtime routine while completing this fun activity pack.