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Wishing Zlam-Berries Snack

This recipe is healthy and easy to make. Serve as a snack or at a genie party.

Shimmer and Shine Zlam-berries Snack

Leah loves to eat fresh zlam-berries from Shimmer and Shine’s garden. Make this tasty, playful snack that combines two of Leah’s favorite things: wishing and fresh zlam-berries from Shimmer and Shine’s garden! Cut fresh pineapple into wishing stars and use fresh berries to represent zlam-berries. The finished product is pretty and irresistible. It will have your kids begging for more of this healthy treat.

(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need

Plain ice-cream cones
Mixed fresh berries
Star-shaped cookie cuttes
A fresh pineapple (makes 8 stars)
Gold edible sprinkles
Glass jar
Serving plate

How to Make

Step One: Peel the outside of the pineapple and slice into 8 rounds. Use a star-shaped cookie cutter on each round to create 8 pineapple wishing stars. Stick each star onto  a skewer.

Step Two: Stick one regular size marshmallow into the bottom of each ice cream cone. Then top with one sliced strawberry, a couple raspberries and a couple blueberries. Repeat this step until you’ve filled enough cones for your party.

Step Three: Add berries to 8 more skewers. Fill the glass jar with the wishing pineapple stars and the berries. This will serve as the centerpiece. Set the filled fruit cones around the jar. Lastly, add a touch of gold edible sprinkles to the serving plate for decoration.