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Genie Bottle Sand Art Necklace

This easy, make-together craft brings the colors of Zahramay Falls right into your home!

Shimmer and Shine sand art

Now your little one can wear their very own genie bottle around their neck, just like Leah! This easy activity is perfect for a Shimmer-and-Shine-themed birthday party, and you can find the supplies at any birthday or craft supply store.

SHS Sand Art

Using a funnel, help your little one layer different colors of sand into a small glass vial. Then secure the bottle with a cork, screw an eye hook into the cork, and thread with a string to secure around the neck! Try using the colors of your child’s favorite friends from Zahramay Falls:

Shimmer: pink and purple
Shine: blue and turquoise
Nahal: white and purple
Tala: yellow and purple

Make your child’s birthday shine even brighter by joining the Nickelodeon Birthday Club and setting up a personalized phone call from Shimmer and Shine themselves (or one of 10 additional characters). It’s free and easy!


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