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Have a Fun-Filled Winter of Playing, Crafting, Cooking, and Cocoa

When things get cold — get creative!

If you’re sticking at home a little more than usual these days, think about these creative twists on classic crafts, activities, and recipes for a little winter-themed fun.


Have a PAW-some winter play date with this simple snowflake activity.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes


Skis and scarves and skates and snowflakes! Simply print this winter sticker sheet on sticker paper, cut, and decorate.

Nick Jr. holiday stickers


The whole point of playing outside in the winter is to get back inside to drink hot cocoa. Warm little paws with Jake’s hot cocoa and mulled cider recipes.


Sweet and peppy, this recipe for peppermint snow bark will have everyone barking for more.


Got a case of winter sniffles? Build a tissue box craft and combat any cold with a dose of “cowabunga!” Ninja Turtles fans young and old will love it.



DIY Ninja Masks!

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Four TMNT Lunches

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