All the Ways to Celebrate a Birthday with Nick!

Ideas for recipes, activities, crafts, and crazy fun for birthdays of all shapes and sizes.

String up the banners. Inflate the balloons. Layer the cakes and call everyone over (virtually, at the very least). It’s birthday party time. Let’s find some ways to celebrate!

Make Birthdays Special While at Home

Write Your Own Nick Libs

Birthday, edition, of course. Get creative, wacky, outrageous, wild and read aloud for some laughs.

Don’t Forget the Candles

Bake a green slime birthday layer cake.

Nickelodeon Birthday Slime Cake

DIY Favors for Friends

Wild slime presents for everybody!

Join the Birthday Club

And pick up the phone for a special call from a favorite character.


Inclusion, Diversity and Kindness

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Nickelodeon Birthday Party

Ideas for Virtual Celebration

Inclusion, Diversity and Kindness

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